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Free Time Favorite

You Tube Is the Place to Be For Free Time Fun

Sophia Kallah, Journalist

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Let me ask you something, when you’re in your room and you’re bored, what do you do? Well, many kids will answer this question by saying I am watching a video on youtube, or I am watching my favorite youtuber. If you don’t know what a youtuber is then you must be living under a rock. A youtuber is a content creator that makes videos for others to watch on the website youtube. Kids at Travis Ranch Middle School (TRMS) love youtube and sometimes binge watch their favorite youtubers.
Sometimes you may and turn to see “merch”. Again another slang word youtube user’s use. Merch is a short version of the word merchandise. In my own experience around our campus, I have seen more than one Jake Paul jacket. Jake Paul is a “vlogger” and a prankster. If you don’t know what a vlogger is, than it is combination of the words video blogger. Sixth grader, Maria Hatzidakis, explained, “My favorite youtuber is Jake Paul because he is a savage!” Maria also wanted to emphasize that she was in love with the idea of youtube and all its content creators. To conclude, us kids though young adults love youtube for many reasons not to mention that there is some video for everyone, every age.

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