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Health Care Bill Rejected

President Trump's First Attempt at Replacing Obama Care Fails

Dylan Shube, Journalist

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On the 23rd of March, in Washington, D.C., the Republican Party was unsuccessful to repeal and replace Obamacare, or Affordable Care Act, with AHCA, or American Health Care Act. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, believes that Obamacare is “fundamentally flawed” and Ryan wanted to repeal it, but he could not get enough votes to pass the American Health Care Act. Because of this, Ryan and President Donald Trump both decided that they should take back the bill. They say they will try again, hopefully with a better bill. CNN reporters asked Trump supporters questions related to the unsuccessful bill, leading to small business owners all agreeing that the Republican Party failing to pass this bill was disappointing. Trump and the conservatives had 7 years to come up with a bill that would replace Obamacare and they couldn’t pull through. But, they also said that is was a learning experience for President Trump. “He’s learning… I’ll give him (Trump) some grace for this…” says World Mission Partner, Patti Pease. Bob Gray, a businessman hoping to make it into congress next cycle, says, “The President learned how deep the swamp really is…” All of these small business owners took more of a positive view then anything. These supporters support of Donald Trump or Paul Ryan did not change from this abortive bill nor did they blame Trump or Ryan for it. There was a statement that the supporters did disagree with President Trump. Trump said that they should completely replace Obamacare. The supporters said that Obamacare should not blow up but rather be fixed. This could be the reason many Conservatives voted against the bill.

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Health Care Bill Rejected