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Knott Just Another Field Trip

8th graders get an opportunity for an off campus excursion.

Luke Peyton, Photojournalist

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Going to Knott’s Berry Farm at the end of the year has been a tradition at Travis Ranch Middle School for all eighth grade Travis Ranch students going off to high school. Knott’s Berry Farm is a midwest theme park filled with exhilarating rides, food and entertainment. This field trip is always one way for students to have a great time together one last time before splitting up and going to different high schools. Once arrived at the theme park Travis Ranch students can group up with their friends and go on any ride they want, unlike other school’s students who have to go on certain rides and stay in particular groups. This tends to give the students more freedom which helps create a more enjoyable time.

Some of Travis Ranch students’ favorite rides at Knott’s consist of Ghost Rider, Silver Bullet,and Xcelerator. In fact according to a survey of one hundred Travis Ranch students, 20% of Travis Ranch students like Ghost Rider, 24% like Silver Bullet,and most of all 56% like Xcelerator. Xcelerator is a very fast roller coaster consisting of sharp turns and an insane drop. Silver Bullet is a ride that goes through corkscrews and flips, and Ghost Rider is an original ride which is the oldest coaster in the park.

As for food to eat in the park between rides or to sit down and have a meal while resting during the eventful day there many restaurants and snack shacks around the park. One great place for students and their friends to have a tasty burger and fries is Johnny Rockets which is a popular restaurant all around the country. Or if you are feeling up for a homemade chicken dinner with mash potatoes you can stop by Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner restaurant. Or even if students are not up for having chicken or burgers you have chinese food at Panda Express which is near the log ride.

Travis Ranch eighth grade student, Isabella Sparks describes this trip as “A trip where students get a chance to have fun with their friends in their own way”

Fellow 8th grader Riley Kungl added, “The Field Trip to Knott’s Berry Farm is a great way to celebrate the Eighth grade’s accomplishment on promoting middle school before we all split our separate ways.”

All in all Knott’s Berry Farm is a fantastic way for the eighth grade students to have a exhilarating and memorable time with their friends before they say goodbye to Travis Ranch.

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Knott Just Another Field Trip