Creating Change


Adam McDonnell, Photojournalist

  Travis Ranch employs many different, unique, and amazing staff members that make it a comfortable, challenging, and great learning environment for the students.  One of these amazing staff members is Mr. Lexin. Mr. Lexin is Travis Ranch’s special education teacher. Lexin,  whose favorite hobby is banging on a set of drums.  He loves the fact that everyday is a new day, which brings new challenges and teaching his amazing students.

What Mr. Lexin likes about what he teaches is “I enjoy seeing the changes in the students everyday and watching them interact with the other students on campus.”  He’s been a part of this school’s faculty for 6 years and has been teaching for 10. Within his tenure at Travis Ranch, he has also been an instructional aid. When he is not socializing with kids at school, he spends time chilling out, relaxing, and watching his favorite show, Adventure Time.

Not only does Mr. Lexin teach at Travis Ranch, he is also the advisor of the Buddies Club. The Buddies Club is a club that gives opportunities to fellow students to gain a friendship with another TRMS student that has disabilities. It is also an option that allows kids to hang out at lunch, break, and during school activities like dances. His students assist  with campus cleanliness and other hands on activities during seventh period to help out the Travis support staff. On the way to seventh period, be sure to give them all high fives as you walk by the front of their classroom, room 48. He has a February segment on the On the February segment it contains all the kids in action. Or you can find it right here.