Making History

Mrs. Curtis passion for History shows through her instruction


Natalie Neal, Photojournalist

Being a Trailblazer at Travis Ranch Middle School is history in the making for many students. However, Travis scholars cannot get through the year without learning from the best and amazing teachers, especially Mrs. Curtis. Having students adore her from all periods, Mrs. Curtis is described as, “forgiving, educational, and unique.” Hergun Kaur quoted. She is certainly a good teacher and students have the same take on that. Like from Julia De Guzman adding that,” She has good technique when she is teaching history. She gives good feedback to students when they need help, listens carefully to her students.”

Mrs. Curtis is fond of history and has been teaching it her entire life, she prefers to teach only history. And she says that,” I am too pale for P.E., I can’t do reading but if I were to do another job other than teaching, I would take Mrs. Gilles’s job, campus security. Busting kids who are bad”. But her students think different. Whereas, Martina Shoukry states,” I think that she’ll definitely be good at teaching Language Arts, but she is also good at Social Studies too, cause History is kinda hard to understand so she explains it well”.


“I love her, she makes learning history fun. I didn’t like history at all until I had her class.”-Alyssa August

Throughout her years of teaching, she has taught history and only history in Yorba Linda and Los Angeles. But before teaching history for 5 years, she worked for Disneyland as a performer. Until she was in her high school year, her history teacher inspired her by Sophomore year to teach Social Studies. Therefore, leading her to first teach in Los Angeles then to Yorba Linda. The main reason that Mrs. Curtis is where she is now, teaching Social Studies at Travis Ranch Middle School, is that she claims,” history is the most exciting to teach and is the mother of all subjects.” Although she loves her life in Orange County, California, Mrs. Curtis prefers to live in Seattle, Washington saying,” I would love to live in Seattle, Washington, because of its good food and lots of rain.” Out of every job Mrs. Curtis chooses to teach Social Studies,  adding,” I love teaching, even though it is super stressful, but in the end, it’s all worth it. I think teaching is worth the stress, there are no other jobs out there that are not as stressful as teaching.” Once again, Mrs. Curtis is  remarkable teacher and her students know so too, like Alyssa August mentioning that,  “I love her, she makes learning history fun. I didn’t like history at all until I had her class.” Whereas, in Mrs. Curtis’s opinion she thinks different declaring that,” I think I have a lot of learning to do and a lot growing, but luckily, I am surrounded by experienced teachers like Mrs. Borgese and Mrs. Bremer, they help me because I need a lot of help.”