REACHing New Heights

Trailblazers excel at 5th annual event.


Brian Shay

Jason Cassachia jumps 15 feet 7 inches to claim 1st place in the 7th grade long jump.

Kaitlyn Yukihiro, Photojournalist

PYLUSD hosted its 5th annual district Track Meet on March 29th at Yorba Linda High School. Travis Ranch had 45 members participate and combined to bring home a total of 38 medals and 18 ribbons.  Competing against the five other middle schools (Bernardo Yorba, Yorba Linda, Kraemer, Tuffree and Valadez), the Trailblazers held their own.


Team awards were earned in the 8th grade girls 4×100 relay led by  Natalie Jamison. Jamison overcame a 40 yard deficit to take the photo finish win for her team (Kim Bean, Sara Slonkosy, and Victoria Campbell). Jamison also finished 1st in the 200 meter sprint. The 8th grade boys 4×200 relay team (Reece Jenican, Ryan Sayhoun,  Garrett Pittman, and Parker Jones) also took home a medal with a 3rd place finish, while both the 7th grade girls 4×100 team (3rd) and the 7th grade boys 4×200 relay (2nd).


The field events were highlighted by the 7th grade boys (Jason Cassachia, Drake Hammond and Mason Farley)taking all three medals in the long jump and Angelina Hellwig won the 8th grade girls shot put.


Sponsored by the REACH Foundation this annual event is constantly giving kids an opportunity to challenge themselves and compete with fellow classmates at an age where students don’t have many school based athletic outlets. This is truly an opportunity for kids to shine and once again proved to be a win win for all involved. “Every year this event gets smoother and smoother, said Coach Shay. “Whether it is the timing, the organization or the way the athletes are better prepared, it is a phenomenal event to be a part of.”


Here is a list of all the Travis Medal winners

2018 Track Meet Medal Winners


Kennidy Askin- (6th)- 3rd 100 meters

Kim Bean- (8th)-1st 4×200 meters

Ruby Bittner- (8th)-2nd 4×100 meters

Victoria Campbell- (8th)1st 4×200 meters

Erykah Cramer-(7th)-3rd Shot put

Angelina Hellwig- (8th) 1st Shot put

Julia Hernandez-(8th)2nd 4×100 meters

Natalie Jamison-(8th)-1st 200 meters, 1st 4×200 meters, 2nd Long Jump

Sierra Jones-(7th)-2nd High Jump

Sarah Lemos-(8th)2nd 4×100 meters, 3rd 300 meters

Amy Martinez-(7th)2nd 4×200 meters, 2nd 200 meters

Sara Slonkosky-(8th)-1st 4×200 meters, 1st 100 meters, 3rd Long Jump

Emma Tamparong-(7th)-2nd 4×200 meters

Alyssa Van-(8th)-2nd 4×100 meters

Kaitlynn Yukihiro-(7th)-2nd 4×200 meters


Cameron Bragg-(7th)-3rd Shot Put

Jason Cassachia-(7th)-1st Long Jump,

Mason Farley-(6th)- 1st 4×200, 3rd Long Jump

Ryan Gary-(6th)- 1st High Jump, 1st 4×200

Brenden Hager (7th)-1st 4×200 meters

Drake Hammond-(7th)-1st 4×200 meters, 2nd Long Jump

Reese Jenican-(8th)- 3rd 4×200 meters

Parker Jones-(8th)-3rd 4×200 meters

Garrett Pittman-(8th)-3rd 4×200 meters

Ryan Sahyoun-(8th)- 3rd 200 meters, 3rd 4×200 meters

Aiden Watts-(6th)- 2nd High Jump, 3rd 300 meters