What Kind of Cookie are You?

Take a minute and see which flavor best describes you.

Olivia Edwards and Meagan Hurley , Photojournalists

Who doesn’t love Oreos? Have you ever wondered what Oreo you were most like. Take this fun Oreo quiz to find out what Oreo flavor best matches your personality! At then end you will have a number out of 22. Once finished re-visit this website and use the scoring board to find your ideal Oreo flavor.


1-9 : Mint Oreo

Congratulations!!! You scored a 1-9 and have been matched with the Mint Oreo flavor. This flavor describes you as spirited, funny, and enjoyable to be around. You light up everyone’s day, are hard working  and always look on the bright side of every situation.

10-14 : Vanilla Oreo

Good job!!! You scored a 10-14 and have been matched with the Vanilla Oreo flavor. This flavor shows you are a funny yet basic person. You love to be out doing things with your friends and love to post about the good time your having.


15-18 : Cookie dough Oreo  

Radical!! You scored a 15-18 and have been matched with the Cookie Dough Oreo flavor. This flavor shows that you have a unique personality and are a shy person. You prefer to watch from a distance but won’t hesitate to get involved when the time is right.


19-22 : Firework Oreo

Whoopee!!! You scored a 19-22 and have been matched with the Firework Oreo Flavor. This flavor best describes you popping personality and adventurous spirit. You are very outgoing and are always positive with every decision you make.