Now What?

As 8th graders finish up what’s left of middle school they are left to ponder the next phase in their journey.

Addyson Stella, Photojournalist

High school has been a long awaited dream for many of our eighth grade students at Travis Ranch.The school year is coming to an end and the kings and queens of campus are getting even more anxious to start their freshman year. Beginning high school is a huge stepping stone for all students, as you start the new chapter in your life, you begin to take initiative and gain more independence.   

After promoting from eighth grade the excitement begins. Tryouts are held, orientations are attended, and new friends are made, just in time for the brand new school year experience. Many of our students are engaging in many different sports including, Cheer, Song, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football, Softball, Baseball, Swim, and many more! As students enter into high school, they look forward to learning what they might do as a career, many students are interested in the medical field, law and business, and even the culinary program.


“I’m most excited about the school dances and pep rallies. I’m least excited about tough exams and projects entering into high school.” -Delaney Keller 8th grade


Going into high school is a very exciting time and there are so many things to look forward to. Held on friday nights, you can attend varsity football games and have a great time with your friends. Some other things students are excited for are the incredible dances including, formals, homecoming, and later on prom!

However, high school cannot be all fun and games, high school is one of the most important time periods in your lifetime. As you enter into high school, college is not far away and grades really begin to matter. To succeed you have to make sure to focus on your school work and to study when needed. Although that may not sound like the most fun you have ever had it will be so worth it when the time comes to look into your future.

All in all, there is so much to look forward too as you step into high school including sports, dances, friends, and so many memories to come, although students have to make sure to try their hardest with their school work and exams for the chance to have their dreams come true when they graduate.