High School Athletics

Abby Huhn, Zach Rentch and Alex Panahi, Photojournalists

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The athletic directors from both Yorba Linda and Esperanza High Schools came to Travis on Wednesday of May 9th to give 8th graders a chance to learn how the high school athletics experince works and plan ahead for their summer. 

This transition from 8th grade to high school can be tough because you can either choose to do PE or be in a sport. Some kids may like to focus more on school work, while others can become student athletes.  Regardless of what they choose, they will end up deciding  what suits them best, and knowing what athletics entails ahead of time can set them up for success before they even get to their campus of choice.

At YLHS, the athletic director is Coach Platt. He comes to all the PYLUSD middle schools to give the kids the information and get them excited for high school sports. “Getting into athletics is important because it gives the kids ownership to high school. It also gives them a good reason to want to be there,” he said.” I decide to come to middle schools in the district because it gives the kids the information they need, and gets them excited for next year,” he added.


“Getting into athletics is important because it gives the kids ownership to high school,” Jeff Platt


Esperanza’s AD Keri Walters also added “Getting connected with your high school is so important. There are so many classes, clubs, and programs that are offered, it is sure to peak the interest of any new incoming student. Even if Athletics isn’t your passion, we have over 20 clubs of all kinds of hobbies and interests and those clubs have people just like you. People you will become good friends with throughout high school and beyond!


During the time that they had in the classroom, the students got to sign up for the sports that they wanted to do and asked questions that pertained to their sport of interest. They also were given information on when to get their physical for the coming year. That will be held on May 23rd from 4-8pm at Yorba Linda High School.


We caught up with a few kids on what sport they will be in, and why they chose that sport.