Looking For an Ice Evening Out?

TRSIMB hosts a fundraising night at the Rinks on May 24th.

Abigail Nardolillo, Photojournalist

The Travis Ranch Middle School Instrumental Music Rinks fundraiser will take place on May 24th 2019, from 7:15- 9:15 pm. Tickets are $15 and snacks are available on site.


The Rinks fundraiser is a great opportunity to meet new friends. The fundraiser is held once every quarter. Parents are welcome to stay with their child, but it is not mandatory.


“Skating at the Rinks is really fun, I’m glad that I got to support the instrumental music program,” Ava Gillette.


Payton Allen states, “The Rinks is really fun. I think it’s a good way for kids to get together to raise money (for TRSIMB).”


The fundraiser is a way for students to go out and hang out with their friends. After a whole week of testing, most students would prefer to go out and have a stress free night.


Faith Garcia says, “I like going to the rinks with friends after a stress filled week of state testing. The rinks is a fun place to enjoy snacks and skating, while supporting Travis Ranch.”


Not every student at Travis Ranch will go to the fundraiser, but the ones who do have an amusing, exciting, and enjoyable time. The fundraiser is a great way for students to connect. In addition, a night at the rinks is a great way to start off the three day weekend.


The Rinks is located in Yorba Linda off La Palma Avenue at 23641 La Palma Ave.