District Art

Carlie Nelson, Photojournalist

The District’s Professional Development Academy held the 24th annual art show this year. This yearly event showcases students work from schools in the PYLUSD district. Artworks displayed in the showcase are created by grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. This event was held on May 1st through the 9th. Some different styles of art that were there was digital art, 3D sculptures, painting, photography, and ceramics.

Students from more than 34 schools came to see these stunning artworks made by their fellow students and of course were excited to see their own art displayed.

“It was so awesome to see my pot showcased in a district event,” said Madeline Cervantes a current TRMS 7th grader.

The grand opening of the showcase was a big hit as When the showcase as more than 1000 people attended this annual event. Artworks showcased at the show were placed in a contest to win medals for their masterpieces. Travis Ranch’s own art teacher Mr.Faller was proud of his students work and dedication.

“I was proud of all my students, we had the most artwork showcased in the show than we ever had before, he stated.”

People that came and looked at the art should have left noticing and appreciating the young artists that have passion to make something wonderful. Some young artists work showed their emotions, feelings, and life changing events that they have experienced or witnessed. Even though it took about 45 minutes to an hour to look at all the artwork, people didn’t regret taking their time to view these wonderful works of art.

Not only was the art breathtaking but the staff and community members were extremely helpful and supportive. This is a tribute to the event and its ability to maintain success for this long.