Just Kicking It

Callie Hansen and Brianne Metcalf, photojournalist

You may have noticed a large group of students playing soccer at lunch and thought who are those two big kids playing? That would be the math teaching duo of Plunkett and Anslow.

Travis Ranch Middle School math teachers, Mr. Anslow and Mr. Plunkett, enjoy playing soccer with students during lunch. Played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world’s most beloved sport, they continue to have fun playing  this popular sport with students.

Engaging with students plays a large roll in the path of a student’s academic success and social development. Interaction is needed in the classroom and  helps the process of teaching and learning run smoothly. By establishing a positive relationship with their teacher, the students begin to feel more comfortable while inside the classroom and will hopefully perform better academically.

Soccer at lunch is also enjoyable for the students. Ryan Pilkenton (6) likes playing soccer with the teachers because, “It’s a challenge to play with them ‘cause they’re super good.”

 “I wanted to start this so students could see me as more than just a math teacher, said Mr. Anslow. “I enjoy encouraging kids in the classroom and on the field, this is one way that I build relationships with students, he added. It helps them feel more connected and valued.”

“I love getting to go outside and run around, and the students are a blast to hang out with,” Mr Plunkett.

Mr. Anslow was born in England and grew up playing soccer, or as he would say, “the world’s greatest sport.” His favorite soccer team is Arsenal from the English Premier League.

Similar to Mr. Anslow, Mr Plunkett loves playing soccer at lunch with students. “I love getting to go outside and run around and the students are a blast to hang out with,” he stated. Mr. Plunkett played soccer throughout his childhood, from when he was a kid, up until High School.