To Stress or Not To Stress

Janey McIntire, Photojournalist

Scholars all around the globe have complications with stress, it’s a common thing with people to have stress often, especially with a job and/or school. When it comes down to ways to calm down, you need to know what to do.


We stress because of these things called ‘stressors’. When something troubling occurs, your body reacts to it by making your heart beat faster, expeditious breathing, sweating, tensing up, and other symptoms.


One of the many ways to calm yourself down is music; music that is gentle and quiet music is calming, because it makes decreases you heart rate and drops your blood pressure. Instrumental music is also a good too, since it lets your thoughts float around, thinking about what makes you content, you could maybe even think about what you did wrong, or what you could’ve done better.


Deep breathing is key, because it turns on this system called ‘the parasympathetic system’, a system that helps calm your body down; the main focus of this exercise is to slow your heart rate.


Another way is to spend time with the people you love, maybe if it is just texting someone far away. Spending time with people helps you forget about what was bothering you. Especially when you can vent to someone you trust and adore.


Nevertheless, a key to a better mindset would be meditation. Meditating is to relax, close your eyes, sit down, or even lie down. It is better when the environment around yourself is quiet and calm. 


I asked some people why do they get stress at school and what do they get it from,


Brianna Stotmore (8) is quick with a joke “Let’s see when did I start school, um, no,” she then continued “I listen to music[to calm herself down].”.


Another scholar, Sophia Haverson (6) told us “Friends for one[calms her down]. Homework causes[stress] sometimes, I don’t understand it.”


Just remember that you are not going through this by yourself and many other individuals go throughout the same things you do, and maybe even worse, but no matter the darkest of times, you can find your light whether it be through listening to nice quiet music or sitting down to have a conversation with your family.