A True Team Sport


Mia Robertson

Calvin Hutchison (6) gets ready on the home plate to make the next home run in kickball during Unified Sports.

Mia Robertson and Garrett Kenney, photojournalist

Everyone knows that success in sports hinges on the ability to work together, and what better way to demonstrate that teamwork than with Unified Sports.  This year, as a sixth period elective, Unified Sports is designed to partner general ed students and student’s with special needs together.


“I thought it would be a really great opportunity to try some new things. I just thought being with the students with special needs  would be tons of fun,” said Brooke Berry, a current member in Unified Sports.


Each student from Special Education becomes the  athlete with their coaches by their side. In this elective, you will play games, exercise, and get to engage with your athlete. Everything is built around  teamwork. This is a great way to interact with your athlete and get to know them for their strengths and not their limitations. It is a great experience to see everyone having fun, smiling and working together to improve.

“My favorite thing to do in Unified sports is play dodgeball,” said Calvin Hutchison, one of the classes athletes.


Not unlike a normal P.E. class, Unified is based on playing games enjoying the love of sports, and getting to know new teammates.  During sixth period, it is all about the coaches and athletes working together to know the rules and working toward a common goal.That is what they are there to do and do it together.

      “Figuring out what activities would be the most fun for everybody. It is not difficult, it is actually a ton of fun,” said Ms. St. Clair.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Unified Sports offers amazing variety with fun activities like playing games, run the mile, going to the fitness lab, and maybe most important all, interacting with their athlete.


Unified Sports brings an exciting environment and even though there may be many different athletic interests, there has yet to be an issue with keeping it fun for all.   “Figuring out what activities would be the most fun for everybody. It is not difficult, it is actually a ton of fun,” said Mrs. St Clair.