Entering A New Phase

Janey McIntire, photojournalist

Recently, Marvel announced their fourth phase. Many fans across the world are enthusiastic for this new update. Since Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, this is truly something to look forward too. This ‘phase 4’ will include, not only movies, but TV shows that will appear on Disney+.

One we’ve been waiting for since forever is Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson, as Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow, and David Harbour, as our anti-hero, the Red Guardian. On the panel at Comic Con, the director, Cate Shortland, says that we will be able to discover Natasha Romanoff’s deep past. Announced to be out on May 1st of 2020.


A show that has fans hyped up is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, coming out Fall of 2020, stars Anthony Mackie playing the Falcon, while Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier. The last time we saw Sam Wilson (the Falcon) with Captain America’s shield was in Endgame, this time we get a chance to see our new and improved Falcon fighting alongside with the Winter Soldier. 


Another Film announced is the Eternals, starring Richard Madden as Ikaris and Angelina Jolie playing Thena. We are getting an action pack full of immortal extraterrestrial beings who are sent down from celestials to fight deviants. This film will be out on November 6th of 2020.


I asked a individuals what they are excited to see and why,


Emma Perron (8) told “I’m excited about Marvel’s new TV shows because it is something different than they have done. It is something new and exciting to see She Hulk will personally be my favorite, Marvel need more women, and this is perfect for it.”.


A local, Mason Perron stated “I’m excited about Fantastic Four being introduced, and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier working together.”.


For the most part, Marvel fans are exhilarated about all these new things coming to them. So when the endgame comes, we will forever know that Marvel will always return, because from what we know, heroes never retreat.