Welcome, Now Let’s Have Fun

Peer assistance is a great way to get newcomers acclimated to middle school.

Kailey Dinh, Photojournalist

One of the difficult elements of navigating through middle school is meeting new people and making more relationships. Travis Ranch helps with that through their WEB program. WEB also known as “Where Everyone Belongs” is a fifth period elective that is comprised of seventh grade students helping sixth graders feel more welcome and meet more people. 


WEB leader Sarah Snider (7) is a prime example of someone that wants to help young people connect.  “I like the fact that I am able to talk to the 6th graders and helping them adjust.” 


This year Mrs. Curtis is the new adviser for WEB,  and has helped the 7th grade students learn leadership, how to model behavior, and help them become more social. 6th grader Kardin Preston loves the extra-curricular actvities that come with learning the new middle school way of life.  “I like all the fun stuff we get to do, she said” 


“I like the fact that I am able to talk to the 6th graders and helping them adjust.” -Sarah Snider


The seventh grades leaders do monthly meetings and sometimes their group will receive a special treat such as pizza, ice cream sundaes, or other delicious goodies. They also will occasionally run a game or do a meeting in the arcade. The leaders also participate in all the dress-up days whether it is crazy hair day or pajama day they are always having fun dressing up.  Just a few ways to show their connection to Travis and how fun the middle school experience can be when we feel connected.