Thanksgiving DIY Projects

Maya Tsegaye, Photojournalist

Christmas is always an important holiday that always has the most adorable decorations, but Thanksgiving also has its own unique decorations for fall, perfectly adorable and easy to make. Here are 8 Thanksgiving DIYs to give to people as presents or decorate your home and add a unique touch of Fall.                   

1.The first DIY is a leaf candle that is gorgeous and will create a very cute fall glow.  The supplies needed are fake orange and yellow leaves, a mason jar, a fake/ real candle, glue( or mod podge), and a paintbrush. Take the leaves a slowly apply them in bunches. As you cover the jar, apply either glue or mod podge over the leaves to make sure they stay in place for a long time. Finally, place the candle of choice in the mason jar and enjoy the fall glow. 

  1. The next craft is pumpkin bricks with the cute words “Fall” spelled over them. You will need orange and red paint,  four bricks, fake sticks, superglue, and some fake letters including F, A, L, and L. First, paint the pumpkins red and orange, but be sure to keep each pumpkin a solid color for the best result. Next, cut the fake stick to the appropriate size to attach to the top of the brick using hot glue, so it gives the pumpkin a little stump on top. Finally, hot glue the four letters on to spell, “Fall”. The result is adorable little bricks to put on your front porch or in your house.
  2. For the third DIY, the result will be a beautiful orange, red, and yellow fall tree, but with a little twist! You will need orange, red, and yellow paint, a printed or hand-drawn tree, and several pieces of broccoli. To start, put small puddles of the three paints. Next, take one of the multiple pieces of broccoli and dip it in the three paints, in whichever order. Continually press the painted pieces of broccoli down on the branches of the tree, and the end result will be a colorful fall tree with beautiful leaf-like patterns.

4.The fourth DIY is a cute bottle-stop pumpkin, that is easy to place anywhere around the house and creates a nice fall or Halloween vibe. This craft may be difficult though if the parents in the home do not save up bottle corks, but you can always buy corks if need be. For this craft, you will need around 25 bottle corks, hot glue, orange or red paint, and fake leaves(felt or plastic). To begin, place four corks in a neat horizontal line lying down, and glue them together, trying to make them as aligned as possible. Next, use five bottle corks to repeat the previous step, then six corks in a horizontal line. Be sure not to attach the horizontal lines on top of each other immediately. Finally, create two more horizontal lines consisting of five corks, the for corks. Make sure not to discard the last remaining cork. Take the superglue and start with attaching the fice cork line to a four cork line, making sure that the four cork line is on the bottom. Then, attach the six cork line on top of the five or line. On top of the six cork line, attach the five cork line on top, and the four cork line on top of that. Then, take the orange or red paint, paint over the surface of the pumpkin shape. Finally, take the fake leaves, attach them on the top of the pumpkin, and add the last unpainted cork on top of the fake leaves.

  1. The fifth DIY craft is a beautiful piece of art with three cute pumpkins, made of buttons. You will a hot glue gun, white, tan, orange, red, green, and brown buttons, and a slab of white wood. Cluster the white and tan in circular form and hot glue them down in the same cluster into the white wood slab. Repeat this with the orange and red buttons on the brown buttons, making sure to leave a space between each one. Finally, add the green buttons on top of the pumpkins to create a stump for them. This craft is very cute and is perfect to hang on walls around the family home.
  2. The next DIY is simple, cute, and perfect for Instagram pictures. The supplies you will need is a clear cylinder vase( plastic or glass), 9 real pinecones, tape, and small fairy lights. First, tape the fairy lights in a spiral around the vase. Finally, fill the vase with the nine pinecones for a super cute, fall DIY light. Kira Tiborcszseghy (7th)  felt they were a great addition to any room in her house. “ It gave me the holiday vibe and also was a very cute decoration for my house,”she said. 
  3. Simple tree with lots of adorable colored circular leaves. You will need red and orange paint, q-tips, printed or hand-drawn tree. Start by drawing a circle of where the painted dots should be dipping the Q-tips into the different colors of paint, and putting them onto the tree branches. Continue dipping and adding until the tree looks very colorful and beautiful. It will end looking colorful, elegant, and very adorable.
  4. Fall tree sensory jar that adds glitter to your home and is very simple to create. you will need a mason jar, water, glycerin, a stick with many branches, a pack of fake, shiny red and orange leaves, and hot glue. To start, unroll the lid of the mason jar and place the inside facing up. Take the hot glue and stick the branch on( make sure to cut the branch to and appropriate size so that it will be able to fit in the mason jar) Attach the leaves on the branches, putting however many you want, but be sure to save most of them for the other part of the craft. Place the jar top and branch aside, and fill the mason jar about four-fifths of the. Then, take a medium spoon of glycerin and mix. Next, add most of the shiny leaves and mix once again. Finally, put the top of the jar on and flip the jar upside down to reveal an adorable fall-tree sensory jar.“I think it would be cute because it would be like a snowglobe”, but fall-themed.” Jenna Allen (7th) explained how cute the fall leaf candle looked in her room, “It looked really cool and I loved how it made my room glow slightly orange.” “ They are cute and I think it would be a really cute present to give to family members,” added 6th grader Chloe Wolken
  5. DIY orange pumpkin bath bombs. This craft is adorable and perfect to gift or keeps for your own relaxation. This craft is not easy so be sure to have a lot of time on your hands to complete this craft! The supplies you will need are baking soda, corn starch, Citric acid, Epsom salt, Orange zest, coconut oil, orange essential oil, orange food coloring(optional), and water. To start, add all the dry ingredients into a single bowl and mix together with preferably your hands, although a spoon is okay. After they are mixed, add a little bit of water and slowly add all of the oils. After mixing those ingredients, lightly spritz water into it until it begins to form together, but don’t add too much water or it will activate the citric acid and baking soda. After finishing the previous steps, just mold the mixture into a ball and add creases to crate a pumpkin texture. Press firmly into place and leave to dry for several hours. After they dry, they are perfect to gift or to keep for yourself for a reloading bath after a chilly fall day!

No matter the project you choose, always be safe and work together. It will make any DIY project that much more enjoyable.