Why Weights?

Some tips on how to effectively use resistance training to improve youth fitness.


Eighth grader Cole Nerio uses power lifting to get into better physical and mental health.

Ricky Muther, Photojournalist

Now that summer is coming up you may want to start working out and getting into better shape. Here are some of the do’s and do nots when working out particularly with weights.

As teens, we are still growing and so are your muscles so we should be aware of form and function before we obsess over how much weight we can lift. Now some people may think that lifting weights is going to make you look like a bodybuilder, but it won’t. Cardio is a great way to lose fat making you look more leaner, but weight lifting does the same thing.


Kids want to get abs and think that if they go to the gym or workout at home and just workout their abs that they will get them. Professional health consultants will sometimes say that abs come from “the kitchen,” which means that you need to be eating healthy if you are looking for better results. There needs to be an in between of working out and dieting to get abs. As for frequency, don’t work your abs every day, because then your muscles can’t relax and recover, and you could end up hurting yourself. Taking a break from abs every other day is a good and safe way to develop core strength as well as eating a very healthy diet.


Lifting is also a very good way to burn fat and get leaner. Some people think that if you lift weight you will become huge like a bodybuilder, but the realistic answer is no. You would have to be eating 10,000 calories a day to get that huge. When lifting weights you need to make sure that you have perfect form so that way you don’t hurt yourself. If you are going to start lifting heavier weights make sure that you have a spotter that that way if you need help getting the weight up they can help you so that way you do not get hurt or worse.  Also, having good form will also help you burn fat and calories because you are using your muscles to the best of their abilities. The best way to burn fat and gain muscle is called hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is where you lift lighter weights for more reps while really focusing on squeezing your muscle.

Resistance training is not just imperative for physical well being but also adds benefits to one’s mental outlook and health.

 “Lifting helps me take my mind off things, and I like being in shape and to get stronger and stronger,” said 8th grader Brady Murrietta.  “ It helps with my determination and to set my mind towards working for bigger goals,” added Colton Nerio.


Make sure that if you are trying to get into shape or lean for summer to have a healthy diet and lifting with good form. Staying motivated is very key to just keep pushing yourself to become the best form of yourself that you can be. Have a plan and stick to it. Putting it down on paper is the first step to seeing the results you desire. For more information or ideas on what exercises will better assist you in your weight lost and fitness needs, see the links below. 


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