Bored Games

What to do when you are sequestered in a pandemic.


Maddie Maurer

Emily Maurer is one of many that found creative ways to pass the time in quarantine.

Zoey Holman, Photojournalist

This year has given us a lot of free time which often leaves us asking ourselves what we can do to keep ourselves entertained. A sixth-grader, Emily Maurer, says “I like to play Minecraft, make chocolate chip cookies, watch Stranger Things, and play Ticket to Ride to fill my time.”

First of all, find a book to read, whether it is a book that has been lying around your house or one that you’ve seen that looks interesting.  Another thing you can do is play a board game, card game, or make a puzzle. Some good games are Monopoly, Clue, Candyland, Sorry, Trouble, connect four and so much more. In addition to board games, some card games are Go-Fish, Crazy 8’s, Uno, Rummy, Solitaire, Old Maid, etc. Board games and card games are fun ways to hang out with your family and friends and fill your time. 

Another thing you can do to fill your time is watching a show or a movie. There are many varieties of shows you can watch and it’s a way to fill your time and get entertained and excited. 

A compelling and fun thing to do is bake. Find a recipe for your favorite treat or something new and get started. There are many delicious recipes for treats you can look into. Some desserts to make are cookies, cupcakes, pie, cake, of any flavor. 

A further option would be to exercise or go outside. Go get some fresh air while taking a walk, riding a bike, planting seeds, or playing a sport. Also, you could make a bucket list of things that you want to accomplish or do. 

Another way to fill your time could consist of drawing or painting. Creating artwork can get your mind flowing and relaxed. It can help you be creative and draw out your thoughts or imaginations. There are many ways to fill your time. Whether it is trying something new, or doing something that is relaxing or fun.