Phone Addiction

Phone Addiction

Ella Vasquez

Most teenagers these days just go on their phones 24/7.

For example during school, car rides, at home, with friends, and ect. As a result of this some teens just are always on their phones which isn’t healthy at all. Kids should interact with friends not just through a phone but also in person. 

To cut back the screen time you could set a limit or even just know when it’s time to get off and do something productive. Since phones are so addictive teens are failing classes and not paying attention to what’s actually important in their life.

Yes, phones are good to have but if you’re on it 24/7 then it’s a problem. It’s way better to be outside or just doing something in general that doesn’t involve using a phone. Another big problem is that most teens will stay up soon late just because their head is telling them to stay up but they usually will regret it in the morning. Also even some teens wake up right away and just check their phones and they’ll do that for the first hour of their morning.

In conclusion teens should try cutting back the screen time as much as they can.