Gas Prices!


Megan Nguyen, Contributor

Gasoline prices are going up higher and higher!

Due to certain circumstances(war), gas prices are rising and getting more expensive. If it keeps getting higher will people be able to afford it? Can people drive around how they usually do? Will life and the economy change? Gas prices are rising currently almost everywhere because of war and limited supply. Russia is part of the war and the country is a large provider of the global supply. If gas prices continue to rise many people can’t afford to buy gas for their vehicles to run. Other than people not affording to pay for their gas tank to get filled, how will the economy live to be how it will be in the future. Will there be no more gas-powered cars? It could be all-electric in the future. The problem with that is that people then cannot afford high-tech electric-powered cars. In all, I believe the gas prices should go down just for the sake of people having no money to buy gas and electric cars in the future. 

Additionally, the rising prices for gasoline also affects the cost of food and other goods–due to transportation/delivery prices.


Interviews: Parents remark, “When time passes I believe that  many people would not buy cars that need gas instead they will buy electric cars so money isn’t used weekly on gas and instead on a better car that is better in the long run.”

“I do not like paying for gas and finding places that have cheap gas prices are rare and hard to find.”