Phones at School, what do you think?

Phones at School, what do you think?

Megan Nguyen, Contributor

Something very controversial and needed to talk about!

Should schools allow phones during class to help them with work or no phones at all? Students in our  school are not allowed phones during class at school because phones are distractions. Students are addicted to phones and the rules are to have them silenced during class. Many students struggle with the addiction to their phones or even any electronics at all.

I believe that students should only use phones during school IF NEEDED.

Other than emergencies students should keep their phones silent and in their backpacks. However, it should not be too strict on the kids. If the phone were to make a sound or a notification pops up they could just be told to silence and instead not go to detention. It should not be as severe as our current phone rules, however, we do still need to have the rule to keep them away. Schools should allow students to use their phones during class if It relates to school and helps them with their schoolwork.

It seems reasonable that certain classes could include using phones for better use just for class usage.  Maybe as an award after completing a challenging task, kids are rewarded 2 minutes of phone time in class for personal use. This slowly lets them get rid of their addiction. To sum up, phones should only be allowed at school for emergency purposes and rewards. 

Interview –

Friend: “I like the policy that the school has right now.”

Another friend: “I think phones should be allowed more at school, and I don’t like that there are no phones allowed in pockets either.”