Things to do on Father’s Day!


Megan Nguyen, Contributor

What will you do for your dad this year?

These are just some of the things you can do for your dad! Your dad always tries to do the best for you, so in return, here are some things you can do for him on this special day.

On fathers day, anytime, anyplace! So your dad can see how much you appreciate him. One thing you could do for your father is make him breakfast in bed! Anything from an extravagant omelet to a plain peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As long as you try, he will love you either way.

Whether you make an egg meal or a simple sandwich, as long as he can see that you put your love, heart, and soul into it, there would be no way he could decline the delicious breakfast! Another thing you could do for your father is buy him something nice. It doesn’t matter if it is cheap or expensive. You can even look for something like a nice belt or a new pair of socks, or even his favorite scented lotion. Whatever you choose to buy, don’t worry; he will acknowledge your hard work in buying the perfect gift for him. Just for father’s day, try your best to be extra friendly and polite and do cherishable things.

Friend: I think I will make my dad some chicken noodle soup later! That’s his favorite food, so if I try to make it homemade, I think he’ll love it!

Friend: I will try to get him something that he’ll like that will be nice. I think I will get him a brown belt!