What’s the most endangered animal?


Trynity Obrien, Contributor

41,415 species on the red list and 16,306 endangered species on the red list. 

Many animals are at risk of going extinct or they are endangered. There is a total of 41,415 species on the red list, and 16,306 of them are endangered/threatened to be extinct. This is up from 16,118 compared to last year. The top 10 endangered animals are #1. giant pandas, #2. tiger, #3. The whooping crane, #4. Blue whale, #5. Asian elephant, #6. Sea otter, #7. Snow leopard, #8. gorilla, #9. Tasmanian devil, and lastly #10. The orangutan.

Many animals can be assisted, but there hasn’t been any change. If everyone could pitch in and stop trying to hunt these animals then they might not go extinct. But they aren’t all from hunters going after them, some animals are going because of climate change.

They could also be going because of a lack of reproduction. “Everyone should protect animals,” remarked an interviewee.

Sadly the animals may also be going because we humans are taking away their homes by cutting down trees and forests and bushes to make more and more homes for us. I don’t understand how people don’t think about the animals in the area. Animals are living creatures trying to find food and shelter like us and if people are taking away those things for them to live I’m not sure how they will do.

“Yes, we must do what we can to preserve all animal life and focus more on endangered ones.”

Look at it this way, you are a small creature and there is something bigger than you and they start taking away houses and they get to your house what would you do? You might have said attack them or get a different house. Am I right? Well if you choose to get a different house that house may be taken down till you can’t find another. Or if you attack them then you would either die or you would get captured. The golden rule is to treat others how you want to be treated, so if you take animals’ homes away you are leaving them to die. Would you want to be treated like that? I don’t think so. Then again many people would help restore animals’ homes but many would just break them down again.