Birthdays; why celebrate them?


Kelley Van Otterloo, Contributor

Are the birthday’s the greatest or worst days of the year?

Sometimes the expectation of your special day never overcomes the real day. 

People all around the world wait in anticipation for the one day a year that they get for themselves, but is it worth it?

Every day, people around the world celebrate their birthdays. Whether it is with a huge party, dinner, or a simple post on social media. Birthdays are usually a tribute to a person and a celebration of life. 

People wait anxiously for the day they grow a year older, and a new world of opportunities pan open. They count down the days and tell all their friends. They can’t wait for the presents and the “Happy Birthday” they get passing the halls.

But what if someone were to hate their birthday. I mean chocolate is one of the best things ever, and people still hate it, “I think it’s a good way to celebrate the progress and achievements you have made in the past year”, Molly Hennessey (A student) states.

There must be a good reason for hatred of birthdays. Maybe it’s the build-up of great things. Or the expectation that everyone should put their attention on you. “I don’t really like my birthday, it never really goes to plan”, another interviewed student states.

Overall, birthdays seem like a great thing, and they really can be. But I feel birthdays are too overhyped and never really fill someone’s exceptions. Maybe next birthday, one can aim for low expectations and be blown away with a great outcome.