Perseverance The Rover


Cali Penilla, Contributor

Have you ever wondered what Perseverance has been doing on Mars and what it’s like?

Perseverance is the fifth rover to go to Mars. Since Perseverance has been there, Perseverance has successfully made oxygen on Mars out of Carbon Dioxide. The goal of Perseverance’s journey to Mars is to find out if there was any life on Mars. Perseverance hasn’t found out if there was life on Mars yet, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any life on Mars. Mars has a lot of rocks, as we saw from Perseverance’s photographs; some even look like they were near water.  Perseverance has even come across a funny-looking rock that people say looks like a butt. There is also the Ingenuity helicopter on the search for ancient life on Mars. So far, Perseverance and the Ingenuity helicopter have flown a few different missions. They are short, but, the tasks have gotten longer each time.

We always think about what’s on the planets in space. Is there any life?  Or past life?

We asked some of our science teachers if they believe they will find some evidence and how they feel about Perseverance making oxygen on Mars.

Mrs.Beelner says, “I definitely think there was some form of life on Mars.  I don’t think it would necessarily be what we think of as life on Earth, probably not even a carbon-based lifeform.  I’m very excited to see what Perseverance discovers.”

Ms.Briggs says, “Yes! I think Perseverance making oxygen on Mars is absolutely amazing and revolutionary! With no atmosphere on Mars, the ability to make oxygen means there’s a possibility it can be used, and that opens up a whole new world for the possibility of life on Mars.”  I agree with Ms.Briggs that it is amazing.

Ms.Chapluk says, “While landing anything completely autonomously on the surface of another plant is truly terrifying, I had faith in NASA and JPL’s engineering team because they had already successfully landed the Curiosity rover the exact same way back in 2012.  I think that Perseverance will continue to find signs of water, but I would be especially excited if it found organic compounds which could have once been the building blocks of ancient life that maybe just didn’t quite make it on Mars like it did on Earth.” Ms.Chapluk is right, the Curiosity rover did land perfectly.

Perseverance has been finding new things and exploring Mars.  While the Perseverance hasn’t seen any past life on Mars yet, it that doesn’t mean there was no living life on Mars.