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2017-2018 Staff

Sydney Rome

Photo Journalist

Sydney Rome is a seventh grader at Travis Ranch Middle School and this is her first year in publications. Sydney loves to play soccer, draw, and sing. Sydney is also involved in choir and buddies club. This year Sydney hopes to...

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Catie Hamilton

Photo Journalist

Catie Hamilton is the Vice President of Publications for the 2017-2018 year. This is her first year in Publications, and she enjoys it very much. She loves to cheer lead, sing, dance, and act in her free time. Catie looks forward...

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Adam Mc Donnell

Photo Journalist

Adam Mc Donnell is a 7th grader at Travis Ranch. When he is not at school he enjoys playing lacrosse, basketball, and spending time with his family and friends. I am excited to create this year's yearbook with all the other publication...

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Sean Arrington

Photo Journalist

His name is Sean Arrington and is a Seventh grader at Travis Ranch Middle School. He is excited to start yearbook and newspaper in his first year of publications. He is also very social and loves to hang out with his family and...

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Olivia Derby


Olivia Derby is an intelligent seventh grader who is very artistic. She loves to draw, play volleyball, and read books. Olivia also likes to write stories and play melodies on her violin. She is very kind, creative, and respectful....

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Heidi Marks


Heidi Marks is a seventh grader at Travis Ranch Middle school. She has a passion for creative writing and is an avid reader. Her interests also include graphic design and photography and she aspires to improve with her experience....

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Kaitlynn Yukihiro

Photo Journalist

Kaitlynn is a smart girl who loves to write and take photos. Her hobbies are bowling, lacrosse, and running. She is in a few clubs including athletic club. She also plays the baritone saxophone in the marching band. She hopes...

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Terri Neal

Photo journalist

Terri Neal is a great seventh grade who is very much enjoys Travis Ranch Middle School. She loves her friends and family who love her back. Besides being in yearbook, another extracurricular activity include being in color guard....

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Kiana Brumbaugh

Photo Journalist

Kiana Brumbaugh is a 7th grader at Travis Ranch who is passionate about learning,. On her free time Kiana enjoys to sing, dance, and act. Some of Kiana's main hobbies include writing and sweing. She also enjoys performing in Colorgaurd,...

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