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A Season For All

A Season For All

Janey McIntire, Photojournalist
January 6, 2020
Finding a well lit neighborhood is a great way to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends

How to Fill Your Christmas Break

Zoey Holman, Photojournalist
December 17, 2019
As fun as social media can be, there is also a distracting quality about it that can take away from a student's academics

Are Kids Becoming Too Social?

Maddie Maurer, Photojournalist
December 11, 2019
Peppermint bark is great traditional sweet treat that adds to any Christmas event.

Christmas Snack Ideas

Callie Hansen, Photojournalist
December 4, 2019
Homemade ornaments are a great gift for the holidays,  whether they are edible or not.

Gifts From the Heart

Zoey Holman, Photojournalist
November 22, 2019
When it comes to school, you need to find your ways to cope with stress.

To Stress or Not To Stress

Janey McIntire, Photojournalist
October 7, 2019
Art classes spark creativity and help kids create wonderful works of art.

True Colors

Heidi Marks, Photojournalist
October 31, 2017

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