Goodbye Middle School, Hello High School!


What high school are eighth graders going to? Are they excited or nervous?

Being in eighth grade is tough as it is but when you’re preparing for high school, it adds more stress to your plate, Choosing a high school is hard, especially when you want to go to school with your friends. But sometimes you have to think about what would be best for you. So many of the eighth-grade students this year had difficulty with choosing electives and sports. There are so many options for electives and sports and it’s so hard to get what you want.

The majority of the eighth graders have chosen what high school they wish to attend. Most have chosen to go to Yorba Linda or Esperanza! The students have their own reasons for choosing these schools whether it’s because of their academics, sports, or other reasons.

Future Mustang, Thai Sengvilay, states that “because I played in the junior club teams created by Yorba Linda, I know the coaches for basketball so it makes things easier for me when I try out for basketball.

As an upcoming Aztec, Brody Reeds says that “Esperanza was legendary in the ’90s and now 20 years later, the sports aren’t as good as they used to be. So I’m going to make it my job that when I’m at Esperanza, I restore the sports to their former glory!

Although many students attend schools in the district, some have decided to go to schools outside of the district! Dana Elqueza is one of the many students who will be going to a school in a different district for high school. She says that “I used to live in Irvine and I have some friends who are going to Northwood High and Northwood offers programs and organizations that are more culture and religious related that PYLUSD schools don’t have. Northwood is also academically stronger.

When you’re preparing for high school, you can struggle a lot. It’s difficult to choose what school to go to since there are so many reasons why you’d want to choose a specific school. But whatever high school students decide to go to, just make sure it’ll work for you.