The Best Sport to Play During Summer


Jacob Jia, Contributor

Sports to play under the harsh weather of summer

You can play any sport under the extreme heat of the sun, but there are things called getting Heat Strokes, and Hyperthermia. Both of these illnesses are very dangerous, so avoiding sports that are in the open Sun shouldn’t be a good option, but if you enjoy the intense heat then sure why not. Just be aware of the dangers it can lead to, talking about dangerous things, Football, Rugby, and Auto Racing, are the most dangerous sports in the whole world.

  Next, Why a sport during Summer? This is because of many reasons, First of all, you can’t stay in your room playing Valornet, CS: GO, or whatever games you play, not seeing the light of the Sun can make you unhappy, and tired all the time, and also sleeping more than average. Playing a sport can lead you to be fit (If you don’t eat junk food all the time), plus if you are good at the sport you played, you can use this on your college application. 

To start, I think getting rid of indoor sports is a good option since there is no sunlight involved, just the lights that I wouldn’t count. I think a sport that would be perfect is something that has shade and also sunlight, a mix of both of them maybe half and a half or maybe more of shade.

Thai S. a basketball player States “Indoor basketball is more fun because you don’t have to worry about the weather, the bugs, or the net being ruined”.

Now choosing the sport, a good sport could be golf, this is because it has shade, and also the sun. It depends on where you playing if you’re playing in a competitive match then mostly outside, but for just hitting, then under the shade if your golfing place has a cover. Golf also is proven a good way to reduce stress and anxiety, from the beautiful surroundings, the fresh air releases endorphins, which is a group of hormones that helps relieve pain. 

Jillian De La Cruz, says ”I enjoy playing golf because it’s kind of hard sometimes so it makes it interesting, and It’s really fun to play a round of competitive golf with your friends.

Ultimately, Golf by far has to be the best sport to play during the summertime, with the best stats of all other sports. It is both relaxing and also good for your health, as you feel the cool wind while you hit hole-in-ones. Under the shade or under the sun, benefits both your mental and physical health.