What is your favorite animal and why?


Claire Gress, Contributor

“What’s your favorite animal?”

I asked students at my school to see what their favorite animal is. I did this because I wanted to see who is the most loveable animal. When I asked Google, “Why do people love animals so much?” Google said people are biologically oriented toward loving children. Animals seem to us like children. That’s why we like animals so much!

I think when we see a dog it reminds us of our child because I think of my dog as part of my family. She goes with my family everywhere it feels like she is my sibling. When I asked another student, Addisyn Hassen, “What’s your favorite animal and why?” She said, “My favorite animal is a red panda because they look so cute and cuddly.” Some animals like dogs, have jobs, like service dogs. They help people who are blind to get around. I also asked Riley Stem what her favorite animal is and she said “My favorite animal is a blobfish because they are a beautiful animal.” I also asked Mrs. Chen what her favorite animal is and she said “It’s a toss up between manatees and elephants because they are big and awesome.”  In conclusion, I think people pick their favorite animal based on their personality and what they are interested in.