Do you prefer the sunset or sunrise?


Addy Hassen, Contributor

What’s Your Favorite Time of the Day?

During a sunset or sunrise if the horizon is low the sunlight travels more of the atmosphere. Shorter wavelength colors such as blues and violets scattered out. Which leaves longer wavelength colors including yellow, orange, and red. That’s why sunsets and sunrises have such magnificent colors.

I went around asking people around the school which they prefer here is one result from Riley Stem stating, “I like sunset’s better because I don’t like to wake up early enough to watch the sunrise.”

One interesting fact about sunsets is that there are also many different kinds of evenings such as civil dusk, nautical dusk, and astronomical dusk. This occurs when the center of the sun’s disk is at 6°, 12°, and 18° below the horizon.

Another interesting fact about the sun is that its temperature can range from 5,973°C to 15,000,000°C and can’t go farther than 93.562 miles close to the sun without dying.

Claire Gress states, “I prefer sunsets over sunrises because they are prettier and I have seen more sunsets than sunrises in my life because I don’t wake up early enough.

In conclusion, both people I talked to prefer evenings over mornings because they don’t like to wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. The sun is very dangerous of its uncontrollable heat and the death it could cause but is also very unique and different each time there is sunrise or sunset. They have their differences but both are very beautiful and bring color to the sky showing their beauty.