Homework, should it be required?

Homework, should it be required?

Natalie Kim and Khloe Manriquez

Does it really affect and train the way we think or does it refrain students from exploring their personal interests?



  • Homework can be a critical tool to practice topics talked about in class and can be used for better learning
  • In 35 studies, 77% found that there is a positive correlation between homework and better scores.



  • Students need to take a rest. Sometimes a student could be busy and won’t have time for themselves. And also the student may not be understanding the concept that is being learned in class, and they may be practicing it wrong.


  • Finland is one of the only countries that don’t provide or require students to do homework, yet they have one of the top education systems. They value family time and interests more.


Addisyn H said, “I think that we should not have homework because other kids have other things that they have to do, whether it’s sports, chores, or anything, like babysitting; whatever they have to do.”

Frances L, a student here at Travis Ranch states, “As much as I dislike homework, I think we should have it because if we didn’t have that homework, I would be failing my classes.” Homework has enabled many to figure out what they need help with and what they have mastered.