School Lunches vs. School Facilities


Natalie Kim, Contributor

What does our student body think we need to improve in?

I think we should change the school facilities because it will provide more opportunities for the students.” – Claire Phee

Recently, I did a poll asking Travis Ranch students what and how they would improve our school. The number one choice was the facilities, not surprisingly, the most expensive choice. This includes the air conditioning, the gym, and the bathrooms. However, many of our facilities are damaged because of the students’ negligence. Therefore, a lot of our school funding goes to repairing our school property. So, is this a valid improvement that our school can work on or more of a thing students can work on?

I think we should change school lunches because I feel like the food is very repetitive. We also have a lot of leftovers each day and it would be a good idea to donate the food we don’t need.” – Khloe Manriquez

In all the classic middle/high school movies and even in our parents’ childhoods, the most memorable thing was — the school lunches! Astonishingly, school lunches were voted SECOND for most in need of improvement. Because school lunches are free, the quality of the school lunches is funded by the government and state. If they increase the quality of the lunches, the lunches will cost more which will inconvenience many families. We also waste lots of food each day that could be used for better purposes. 

There is no easy way to improve our school. However, we students can do a better job of cleaning up after ourselves and respecting school property. Thank you so much to all the staff and students who try to make this school a better place!