The Pet Battle!


Riley Stem, Contributor

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Cats or dogs? Dogs and cats are very loved pets but I wanted to find out which one would students and teachers would rather own. Most people like dogs more because they are very playful and energetic but some people like cats more because their cute and relaxed.  Dogs give people unconditional love and can sense human feelings. Cats give us special unique permission to pet them and keep them on our laps.

Claire Gress states “I’m a dog person because I like dogs better than cats because they’re playful.” 

Interestingly, most dogs are not independent and needier than cats, making them more attached to their owners. Cats are more independent and aloof, which some people prefer, but dogs are more friendly and loyal.

Addisyn Hassen explains “I like dogs better because I had a cat once and it scratch me for no reason. Dogs are sweet and playful too and cats are too independent”.

Cats need to scratch. Cats do not need their owners to feel secure and safe in the same way dogs do so, they are more independent. Dogs are so playful because it helps them build social cohesion and prepare for unexpected things to happen so they can cope better when they do.

Mrs. Chen remarks, “I love both cats and dogs, but I currently have a dog. He’s a Shiba Inu, so he kind of behaves like a cat… so… Oh and Rabbits are also excellent pets”.

Some people can’t decide which pet is their favorite since dogs and cats both provided us with comfort and unconditional love. Overall, both pets are special in their own way. Many people have different opinions on what pet they have but as long as their furry friend fits them right.