Testing Week, more like Worst Week

Kyle Khong and Thai Sengvilay

Is Testing a Good influence?

Every student had tests before and there is a very approved opinion about it . . . . IT’S TERRIBLE. It takes place in school, where you think you’re supposed to have a balance of not too much annoying learning and time to hang out with friends. Testing messes up that entire flow, but it shouldn’t have as much of a bad effect as many people think.

Peoples Opinions:

Carter A: I think tests are a good way to check if students have been learning the material or have not, but there are some other ways to make them less stressful.

Mackenzie V: Tests aren’t a big deal for me. Almost 99% of the time I never study for them. I’m lucky to be able to not study and yet still pass a test and get a good grade on it. Regardless I still stress if I’ll do well or not knowing I most likely will.

Samuel H: I personally don’t like tests because of how much stress they can put on a person. I think if we were able to collaborate on tests it would be better and more realistic in the real world. I understand that we need tests for our teachers to see where we are at, but I personally don’t like them.

Lia S: Tests make me feel stressed because whenever I study, I feel confident, but when it’s the actual test day. I blank out and forget everything I learned. Frustrating experience.

Tests. They challenge the terms of memory and challenge your confidence if you think you really could succeed.

“According to Christina Simpson from Harvard, “ The effects of standardized testing on students’ well-being are varied, from incidents of vomiting to anxiety attacks, and standardized testing contributes to the high levels of stress many students are already facing. As such, efforts should be made in both policy and practice to minimize these effects on students and to reduce the pressure that students often feel related to standardized testing.”

Testing started between 18440 and 1875, it evolved into a more formal practice instead of the option of oral testing for teachers. From 1875 testing decided a more important role to determine college.



  • Basic Tips
    • Stay calm
    • Do what you can
    • Comeback to the ones you can’t do
    • Take your time
    • Do your best
    • Get tutored for review
  • Subjects
    • Ela
      • Study
        • Remember the material
        • Review core concepts
        • Review vocab
    • Math
      • Take time
      • No rush
      • Review material
        • With a teacher, friend, or tutor
        • Take practice tests found online
    • History
      • Study flashcards
      • Take detailed notes
        • Remember the Material
        • Use Study guides
        • Review Vocabulary
    • Science
      • Practice tests
      • Review Vocab
      • Look back at previous lessons
      • Remember the material
        • Flashcards
        • Science notes


When I had completed tests, the pressure was real. It would determine my grade, maybe my place in high school, or even further. They put a lot of pressure but I feel there are some benefits

It’s a wake-up call for what I don’t know and how I could be better. Even though it might be very difficult and tiring to do them, it’s also encouraging.

For some, they may be dreading the day that it comes and hate how it can determine your future.