Food is Key to Cultural Diversity


Dana Elquza

We come from many states, countries, and families. Many students have unique things about them that make them different ethnically. Usually, that divergence is found through food.

Students were given a country to present about and prepare a traditional dish from last week in Spanish class. They shared their delicious creation with their classmates and presented them in class. 

For her project, Morgan Spillane created a Merengón. Merengón is a common and simple Colombian dessert. In this dish, whipped cream and fresh fruit are spread between two layers of meringue. “In Spanish, I made a Merengón which is a sugary and fluffy pastry that originated in Columbia. It is related to Columbian culture because it has been made for hundreds of years and it is a recipe that has spread across the globe.” – Morgan Spillane 8th Grade

I’m originally from Palestine, which is an Arab country in the Middle East. In my culture/family, we have lots of delicious traditional foods. A classic Arab dish called warak dawali (وراق الدولي) is one of my favorites. It consists of meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves with additional seasoning. It is both incredibly nutritious and tasty. One of the key characteristics that distinguishes my culture from others is the food we have.

Individuals ought to be receptive to things they’re not accustomed to seeing. In elementary school, I had a Greek friend who would bring her traditional food to lunch.  She was regularly teased by kids for it. It’s crucial to educate oneself about the traditions and cultures of other people.

What’s your favorite food?