Back again! The upcoming 8th grade trip!

Back again! The upcoming 8th grade trip!

Milania Sanderson, Contributor

7th graders are jumping in excitement, Why you may ask? They just heard about their 8th-grade trip to Washington and New York in April 2023. The 8th-grade trip seems to be so close I feel like I’m going tomorrow but it’s next year and we are so excited and can’t believe that we will travel to Washington and New York with friends.

7th graders next year in 2023 will be 8th graders and in April when spring break begins they would drive to school. To take a seat on the bus that will be taking them to the Airport they will have their luggage and be on a 1 hour and 50-minute flight to Washington. When they set foot in Washington they will arrive at a hotel with security guards and 4 students per room and you get to choose whom you would like to stay in a room with. They will be going to memorials and museums then they would go to New York and go to more memorials and museums. Many students are excited and want to go but it would be their first time traveling without parents. Some feel fine traveling without family but some people are nervous and scared about their safe travel knowing that there would not be with their family. But they don’t let their fear get in the way of their joy of the 8th-grade trip and have all summer to save up the money and think about it. 

“I’m excited but scared”-Molly Hennessey (a prospective traveler)

These two students who would be attending the 8th grade trip to New York and Washington both have the same thoughts. Molly is scared because it’s a long journey from home. And Haley is nervous because she fears getting lost and her anxiety at the airport trying to check-in.

“I’m excited but also nervous”-Haley Wong (another prospective!)

The trip seems fun and expensive and everybody wants to go with their friends to have a fun time with each other. And discover new things and save amazing memories. Some 7th graders are nervous or excited or both. The 8th-grade trip seems awesome and others think highly of it even though it’s a year away.