Oklahoma Sooners Overtake Old Bruin Record!


Abigail Ford, Contributor

Oklahoma Sooners Softball Win 36 Consecutive Games to take the Record away from the 1999 UCLA Bruins

35-0 was the record the Bruins held for years; the Sooners swept 36 teams to take the record. They, unfortunately, lost their next game against the University of Texas 4-2. Now to date, the Sooners’ record is 49-2. 

             The Sooners have fallen to Oklahoma State and Texas. Not to mention that a huge fraction of their recruits are from our home state softball teams. Jocelyn Alo (freshman of the year 2018), Tiare Jennings (freshman of the year 2021), and Sydney Romero, Both Romero, and Alo earned All-America selections in 2018 and ‘19. 

As a travel ball softball player myself, I see that a lot of the time people overlook how hard the sport actually is. We are constantly put to the test not only physically, but mentally almost every day. That’s why in the end, the teams that win are tough physically AND mentally. The Oklahoma team obviously has a chance at winning the Women’s College World Series. They take softball more deeply than a sport. When I play softball it’s my escape from reality. I don’t think about what I could have done better yesterday at school, I don’t think about all the drama of regular life. Softball is my home. And as funny as that sounds it’s true. It provides a sense of home I can’t really get anywhere else except at my actual house. Now that is the difference between any other team and the Sooners. The team is different, and that’s what’s so great about them. 

If I were to bet and be sure about anything in my whole life, it would be the remaining world series champs to take it again. They are just that good. Go Sooners.