Taking a Step Back


Thai Sengvilay, Contributor

8th graders are leaving and the year is ending fast, we should reflect on our best memories.

Everyone in eighth grade had had different experiences whether it be with clubs, friends, sports, or academics. This year has been quite a swift one. Many people overlook the small things and even the bigger things. When thinking about your year you will see all the things you’ve overlooked or not thought about as much. What are your best memories at this school? 

NJHS president Kyle Khong remarks, “During seventh grade, I was working with a special group of people, it was for a HOSA competition called SLC (State leadership competition). I got bronze but still consider that as a big win. I have learned so many great skills on that trip, and it was the first time I was on a Ferris wheel.” 

ASB leader Mack Vera said, “Finding out that I had made it into ASB was one of the greatest memories.”

Memories you make can stick with you for life. That’s why it’s important to cherish and create the best ones now! When you get older your middle school and high school years will be something to remember if you try to make it your best.

Encore student Khiana A said, “Some of my best memories were on field trips with encore like when I went to Universal and had dinner with all of Encore.

All in all this year has moved pretty fast and is going even faster. Everyone should take some time to remember their memories.