All about ENCORE!


Amber Fischel, Contributor

Travis ranch middle school’s Encore performing group is a talented and dynamic group of middle school students who have been making waves in the world of music and dance. This group is known for their electric and fun performances, which showcase their impressive skills and passion for the arts.

The Encore Performing Group comprises students who are dedicated to music and dance and have a passion for performing. We are a diverse group of individuals who come together to create something extraordinary. The group is led by Amiee Gallagher who works hard to bring out the best in all of us Encore members. 

Our group has performed at numerous events throughout the years, including school assemblies, community events, performances, and competitions. Encore’s performances are always met with enthusiasm and excitement from the audience, and we are known for our high-energy and engaging show. In addition to Encore’s impressive performances, we are also known for our crazy costumes and costume changes.

One of the most impressive things about Encore is our versatility. We perform a wide range of music and dance styles, from classical ballet to hip-hop and everything in between. This range of styles allows us to connect with an audience of all ages and backgrounds, making us a popular choir for events and performances throughout the Trails Ranch community.

In all Encore is a great group of middle school students who try their best to give the best performance possible, as Mrs. Amiee said “Encore is an award-winning show choir that’s made up of a talented unique, and diverse group of students that travels all over southern California to represent Travis Ranch as a sing and dance their way into the hearts of audiences.” We truly are a special group and we only get to be in encore during our middle school experience so it truly is a special thing.