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Frances Lim

Frances Lim, Contributor

This is a drawing of me that I drew a while back. My hair is commonly in my face and I always wear a mask as well. I wear glasses but not often so I put them on my head. I have my hand making a peace sign because I do that in a lot of pictures.

Hello, my name is Frances and here are some things about me:

My full name: Huan xin Frances Lim

What I go by: Frances

Where I grew up: For most of my life I grew up in Missouri however a few months ago I moved to California and life has been funky but I am adjusting well.

A small list of thing I enjoy

  1. Spending time with family and friends
  2. Drawing thing like Dragons, eyes, human, and sometime just random stuff
  3. Playing video games
  4. Listening to music 
  5. Playing instruments
  6. Sometimes reading 

Things that motivate me are my family being proud of me and knowing that working hard will give me more time to relax.

This is just something I wanted to share so I would like to share a quote. The quote is “Nothing is hard it’s just unfamiliar” I don't remember where I heard this quote but I really like it because it just tells me that I could do anything if I wanted to share.

A short story from my life

My favorite memory was not that long ago but it was when I got to my 2nd dan black belt. So starting from when I was 5 or 6 I started Tae Kwon Do. When my mom had told me and being so young I had asked what Tae kwon do was and my mom had just told me it was going to teach me how to fight, me being a scared kid I had asked my mom not to do it but she would not falter on her choice so a few days later me and my little brother and I had went to my first class. It was at a place called Fast Kick and I started in the class called little lions and I had enjoyed it and had talked so much about it to my family. At the age of 9 close to 10 I had gone over to advanced class where I could start working to a black belt. When I had gone to my first testing to get my yellow belt I was very scary when I saw we have to break wood that was thicker than the one we broke in little lions the good new is I passed and it was like this till It was time to test for black belt I had went to the special classes for practicing running the mile, what I do for bored breaks, self defense and a lot more. The testing was broken into two parts. The first part was on a Friday we did running the mile, a lot of exercise, and tested on some basics things we should know. The next day on Saturday I was so sore from the night before. When I got there I was a little early so I practiced a bit. When it was time to start we did a normal warm up, self defense, sparring, two on one sparring and bored breaking. I would to highlight I had never done two on one sparring at the time, In some cases I had to be one of two attackers and I was testing for me black belt so I had to be the defender at least once, it was not as hard as I thought it was so I went the rest of test just fine but still a little sore from the day before and when testing was over I was so tired but was also happy. My parents picked me and congratulated me. Weeks later I found out I had passed and had gotten my black belt. Some were in June. I had gotten black belt with the other who tested with me so that told me they passed as well which was good news to me. I had continued Tae Kwon Do till I moved to California so in that time I had stopped Tae Kwon Do after getting my 2nd dan black belt. I plan to start other activities like get a teacher for violin, learn to swim, and archery or other things I don’t know for sure I will have to see. 

All content by Frances Lim

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