Is the 48 Laws of Power an evil book?


Frances Lim, Contributor

Should this book be banned?

What is The 48 Laws of Power?

The 48 Laws of Power is a book by Robert Greene. It has 48 laws you would need to follow to gain power, with historical examples, quotes from people in history and famous people, and how to add these laws to your real life. However many people have said the book is evil and is about how to manipulate others and get what you want no matter what. On the other hand, other people think it can teach you powerful lessons and prevent you from getting manipulated by others.

Brutal information

The 48 Laws of Power is banned in a few prison libraries becuase of being filled with so-called brutal manipulation tactics. Common words that may describe this book are evil, ruthless, and cunning. However, nothing is completely evil or bad so let’s look in to the good things about this book and how can help us in our real lives.  

Powerful lessons 

Some people may think that this book is evil but the lessons you can learn from it are powerful and can help you through life.

Some examples of powerful lessons you can learn from this book are, “Law 4: Alway say less than necessary” (Greene 31). This lesson can be powerful by not making a fool out of yourself by saying too much.

Example number two, “Law 18: Do not build fortresses to protect yourself–Isolation is dangerous” (Greene 130). This law is very important because cutting yourself off from others can make you a lot easier to target and could cut you off from important information that might help you.

Lastly to support preventing you from getting manipulated by others “Law 40: Despise The Free Lunch: what is offered is offered for free is dangerous—it usually involves either a trick or a hidden obligation.”(Greene 333).

This is an example of a powerful lesson that can be learned from this book because most people will just take what evers free without thinking about any trick or scams behind it.


In conclusion, this book can teach you good things but doesn’t mean the book is completely good either after all it is banned in a few prison libraries. Overall I don’t think this book is evil but you have the right to think what you want to think about the book.