Metroid Dread


Zackary Jones, Contributor

  • Things you might want to know before you buy this game 

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Metroid Dread is for the community of Nintendo and others. The game is used as a challenging and fun experience for all players across the globe. This game just recently came out last year and is still popular.

So if If you are interested in buying this game via game card you can go to stores like Target or Walmart if they have it in stock if you want the downloadable version you can buy it off of the Nintendo website it is 59.99$ for the game keep in mind that you do need a switch to play this game.

A reason you should buy the game is that it is a fun and interesting game for most players and if you like this one there are other installments of this game too but this is the most recent one and according to the Nintendo website it is one of their best sellers.

I think that this game is so fun for a lot of people because most gamers in the community enjoy not too challenging games but not too easy games and it has updated graphics also it includes exclusive deals that the other games don’t have.

The main objective of the game is to guide Samus Aran, an intergalactic bounty hunter raised by an ancient tribe, and traverse the many environments of a dangerous world. Parkour over obstacles, slide through tight spaces, counter enemies, and battle your way through the planet. Through her countless missions, Samus has never experienced a threat like the dread on the planet ZDR.

According to one of the ratings on google, “I was so excited to find out about this game coming out, I finally bought a [Ninendo Switch] and this was the first thing I got, this was the thing that made me decide I needed my switch. I am playing on normal mode, and it’s a good challenge, I would tell my kids to play on east first. It has the feel of my favorite Metroid game”.

Also if you didn’t know, you can change the difficulty if the game is too difficult or you are new to gaming and you want to try it easy mode first, then work your way up to the harder difficulties. In the UK it is the third bestselling game and it is the best ranking Metroid games of all time.

According to another user on Google “The worlds change constantly as the story progresses, and it’s awesome to return to an area with all your new stuff, it’s especially rewarding when you figure out how to get that next energy tank or missile expansion. The boss battles are FUN! For real! They all make sense, you may die a bit figuring it out, but none of them are unfair, you can figure out how to do everyone”.

Overall I would definitely recommend the game if you are looking to get into a new game and I will also try it out when I have the money I think it has great potential for later games in the future too.