Missed the Artshow?


Ms. Libo-on, Editor

This year, many pieces of art were featured by our Trailblazer artists at the district art show. If you did not get a chance to go, follow this link to go see some stand-out art!

As you look around, see if you can answer the following questions. Take part in a little scavenger hunt!


  • Find the Forks photograph (East Wall 8). How many forks are there?
  • Find the Peacock image (Panel 1) How many eyes are in the peacock image?
  • Find the Ceramic Moon (Ceramics 23). What color is the Ceramic Moon?
  • What is the orange crab made out of (Panel 19)?
  • What country is made out of different swatches of red and blue fabric (Panel 31)?
  • What is the 3D green house made out of (South Wall 2)?
  • What is painted on the yellow shoes (South Wall 3)?
  • What text is painted on the LARGEST piece in the show (South Wall 5)?
  • Find the cake painting (North Wall 4). How many cakes are there?
  • Which piece reminds us of Andy Warhol (North Wall 8)?
  • Guess how many pieces there are in the whole art show?
  • Which image shows the art element of COLOR? (Other Elements & Principles of Art)
  • Which one is your favorite piece and why?


Again, here’s the link–in case you missed it! https://bit.ly/3LaaXcT