The Masters of Art


Molly Hennessey, Contributor

Who inspires art students?

Art students at the school are, no doubt, very talented. They dare to use various media to bring their creations to life. Students use references to other artists’ works to make their masterpieces. But who inspires these talented artists’ works of art and why? 

Why do students reference other artists’ work when making their paintings or drawings? Is it because it gives them something to work towards, or are they copying it? What types of artists do students aspire to be, and why do they work so hard to imitate their styles and techniques? 

Students need to look at masterful works of art by people like Leonardo De Vinci, Syd Mead, and Bob Ross. Looking at the “Masters” of art’s creations can help them feel light logic and techniques for times like the Renaissance. Many people feel like looking at references when doing art is “cheating,” but it is quite the opposite; looking at references can help understand necessary things like natural light logic, realism, and perspective. Looking at real life as a reference for artwork is vital because all art is based on real-life in some way. According to Milania Sanderson, “They should have an image in mind so they can make improvements.”

As important as it is for students to study the masters, most young artists explore the styles of more recent artists. Lately, students have wanted to master more cartoony techniques than realistic styles; looking at artists that do this helps them a lot. Also, with the technology that we have now, many artists are posting tutorials for developing artists to study. These tutorials have numerous topics such as color theory, drawing fabric, and hair. There is lots of useful artistic information on social media, but there is also information that will not help young artists. Many artists on social media are beginners themselves who are trying to give tips to those just starting out but some of the advice they give ends up being wrong. In summary, students need to learn to differentiate art advice that people share on social media platforms. Haley Wong states, “When they post, younger artists can use it as a reference and look at what they like.”

Developing artists are impressionable and need a goal to work towards. Many professional and talented artists inspire these young artists to keep working towards their goals. Having a specific style that an artist wants to work towards helps them develop their skills and improve. Whether it’s on social media or one of the masters, many artists inspire aspiring artists and people with other dreams and hobbies.