2 Courts: The Justice System and Public Opinion


David Jung, Contributor

A recent trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, has taken social media by storm.

People constantly post about it on social media platforms like TikTok and watch the trial to see what will happen as the outcome. The ongoing trial is a result of a lawsuit Johnny Depp filed against Amber Heard back in 2019 about an op-ed she talked about domestic abuse in 2018.

In the most recent trial, people got to hear testimonies from Depp’s longtime bodyguard Malcolm Connolly, and driver Starling Jenkins.

Both Connolly and Jenkins testify for Depp, stating that “Heard tossed Depp’s credit cards and mobile phone out the window”.

In response, Heard’s lawyer suggested that it was Heard’s sister, Whitney, who was there at the event as well. However, Jenkin then remarks that he knows the difference between Heard and her sister.

He states, “One is the boss’s wife, one is the boss’s sister-in-law.” Since this trial is still ongoing and Heard and Depp are going back and forth, it is difficult to say who’s in the right or wrong. However, it looks as if social media has sided with Depp. People tease and talk bad about Amber Heard, talking about how she’s lying about everything.

A user comments on a TikTok related to the trial, “We all know she’s lying, she’s showing the signs that say she’s making things up on the spot”.

Apart from social media siding with Depp, there have been pictures suggesting that Depp is being abused. Depp shares in court that one time, Heard severed the tip of his finger. Anyway, these are only things happening outside of the actual case, so nothing is officially decided yet. People will know when it is all over.