Career Day Returns to TRMS!


Jillian De La Cruz, Contributor

Once a year, Travis Ranch does Career Day to help kids figure out what they want to do in life. 

Career Day is a day for students to discover different careers and see what they are interested in. Many volunteers from different categories come to Travis Ranch and give us a taste of how their jobs are. On Friday, the 14th of April Career Day took place at Travis Ranch Middle School. Career Day was created to give students options and ideas for what they’d like to do in the future. Travis Ranch Middle School is the only school in the Pylusd district that has career day.

Career day presented so many different careers from police officer, to retail. A few weeks before Career Day, students got to chose what they were interested in and what they wanted to learn about. Some of the options were; architect, law, medical, military, music, government, engineering and technology. Students would pick 4 different careers for their schedule and when April 14th came around, they would be able to discover the different careers they picked out.  For Example, in this quote, “My favorite career was probably retail because I learned so much than what I initially thought of retail. “ was from Mackenzie Vera and how she thought of one of the Careers she picked to learn about. 

Since Travis Ranch Middle School is the only school in the Pylusd district to have a career day, makes this day even more special. Our school cares about students and the career paths that they may choose to take. By having a career day, students can have an idea of what they’d want to do to keep society working together. This great learning opportunity helps expose different careers to students. Travis Ranch continues to accelerate with learning skills and great opportunities for all students. 

Career day is such an excellent way to introduce students to potential careers, and ones they may not even think of doing one day! I had the honor of hosting the dog trainer once again, and the joy was twofold. The students get to experience the therapeutic presence of DOGS (Riley was my favorite, see image below) and they learned how you can take a passion, like teaching people how to live with their dogs and make a business out of it!“ – A quote from Mrs. Chen

In conclusion, career day is a great learning experience that helps students decide what career path they’d like to follow. For Travis Ranch to provide career day, is so cool because it’s the only school in the yorba linda district that provides this.