What is animal testing?


Amber Fischel, Contributor

Why is it bad? What can we do to help?

OPED: Animal testing has its pros and cons, but I think we should try to stop it. Here is an article on what it is and how you can help stop animal testing.

The United States Department of Agriculture or USDA is a part of the government that allows for animal testing. If your wondering what animal testing is, it’s when people use innocent and harmless animals to test different products including makeup, perfume, body spray, shampoo, dish soap, medications and much more.

Animal testing started in the 17th century and is still happing today in the present.

Some countries that continue to test on animals are China, Japan, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany and France. In just the US, 110 million animals die of animal testing per year. This is in addition to all the other animals that die in other countries and animals that are being tested on each year. While some animals end up perishing in these labs, so much more continue to suffer under experiments and due to testing.

Why do people test on animals?

People test on animals with new products that might seem harmful to a human. This could include new medication/new vaccines/makeup/dish soap/shampoo, any type of detergent, cleaning products, deodorant. They want to make sure it’s safe so companies test it on an animal first. 

According to experts, for all that pain the animals experience there is only a 5% chance that it will be successful. There is still that 5% that has saved lives and has helped up make new vacancies medications and more.

What can be done? You can help stop animal testing yourself by educating others, and use cruelty free products. That means to use product that have not been tested on animals; check the labels of your favorite products and purchase those that are animal cruelty free.

Life is life whether in a dog, cat or human.