☆Intermediate Orchestra Holiday Concert☆ ☆Get ready for the Holidays☆


Frances Lim, Contributor

Here is some of your basic information of what this article covering

Who this article be covering: Travis Ranch Middle school intermediate orchestra

What this article be covering: The intermediate orchestra Holiday concert

When this event took place: December 15, 2022, 6:00pm

Where this event took place: Travis Ranch Middle school gym

This is one of the Travis Ranch Middle Schools orchestras’ and bands’ that will be participating. I will be covering the intermediate orchestra part of the concert. The Intermediate Orchestra plays four songs: Boots and Saddle, March of the Shadows, Merry go Rondo, and Chatter with the Angels. 


But this is their first concert of the year, so how will they behave on stage knowing they most likely have not been on a stage for a while and how will being on stage affect their performance?


Quotes and Interviews


I will Interview Khloe Manriquez on how she feels about the Holiday concert.

She is a violin 1 that is playing in the intermediate holiday concert.

My questions were, How do you feel? and on a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you about the concert? Here are her thoughts on the concert. “I feel a bit nervous but also can’t wait; I am 8 out of 10 confident”.

Now I have the thought of violin 2 Lauren Kim; here is what she has to say “Nervous 6 out of 10 confident.”

By the sound of it the two sound a bit scared for the concert, but their confidence is pretty high, so that is good to hear. Hopeful in the concert, they play as confident as they say they are, but of course, peoples confidence is different from others.

What Happened

I am a violin two that played in the concert, and it was so scary going to perform after a long time, however, everyone sounded outstanding if you were there, you could hear the hard work they put into their music. Before the concert, all of us were in the band room, tuning and practicing. The orchestras’ that were not performing yet were sitting on the side, waiting for their turn to perform, and listening to the orchestras that were playing at that moment. After the concert, most of us went home to rest.